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Chiltern Miniatures
Producers of 28mm wargaming figures and scale buildings for skirmish wargames, with WWII, Vietnam war, modern forces, Greek mythology and science fiction genres covered
Baccus Minis
Producers of a range of 6mm miniatures and accessories as well as several historical publications and rulesets
Hobby Products
Manufacturer of a range of resin kits and figures and the official home of 'Empires'
Excalibur Miniatures
German manufacturer of science fiction and fantasy ranges
Manufacturer of spaceships in 1/3000th scale for use with the Space Dreadnought 3000 or SD3K gaming systems
Homegrown Miniatures
Producers of a range of specialist 25mm and 54mm "late war" American Civil War miniatures, with accessories and scenery also available
Lance and Laser Models, Inc
Respected manufacturers of lead free miniatures for the gaming industry and collectors with many periods catered for
DLD Productions
1/2400 scale resin model kits and accessories produces for use with both space and ground based gaming systems
Manufacturer Fantasy and Sci-fi models, paints and supplies.
Producers of Dark Heaven 25mm fantasy, Warlord 25mm fantasy CAV (Combat Assault Vehicle,) Pro Paints and accessory products
CharGen Sculptures
Have custom made miniatures of your roleplay characters brought to life in polymer clay
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